Human Resources Manager

KapitalHR is recruiting for one of its clients, active in fashion production, a person to hold the position of Human Resources Manager.

Main responsibilities:

• Assists managers to evaluate staffing requirements and determine hiring needs
• Identifies appropriate communications media for target talent and executes advertising or coordinates
with search firm as appropriate
• Screens and evaluates applications, conducting screening interviews if required by manager
• Coordinates offer and conversion to acceptance process

Training/ personnel development
• Educates managers in identifying training needs for different positions
• Manages process of creating, delivering and assessing training programmes for all positions (designed
and delivered either internally or externally)

Performance management
• Defines performance evaluation process for all company positions
• Coordinates regular performance evaluation process (e.g. ensuring managers perform evaluations as
agreed as part of evaluation process)

Setting HR policies
• Monitors HR policies covering all issues relating to employee relations (e.g. salary, benefits, employee
rights and obligations). Coordinates with managers and exco to ensure buy-in

Manages HR function on day-to-day basis
• Manages HR officers in all company locations (setting priorities, evaluation, etc)
• Ensures company follows local employment legislation in all jurisdictions
• Coordinates with finance team to ensure salary payments go through correctly and on time
• Maintains (or creates) employee records and company organisation charts
• Monitors in-country salary levels and advises managers
• Seeks appropriate external advise where necessary (e.g. redundancy or disciplinary procedures) and
advises managers accordingly
• Monitors HR-related KPIs, in particular employee turnover rates
• Minimum 5 years experience in a similar position
• Good management skills
• Remarkable people skills and high ability to understand and deal with specific HR problems that might