ETL Developer

KapitalHR is recruiting for one of its clients, important player in FMCG, a person to hold the position of ETL Developer.

The importance of this role is to integrate various systems, as source and also as destination, using current ETL technologies and to create the necessary documentation for the support team.

Ideal candidate will present:

– Strong knowledge and experience in PL/SQL, MongoDb
– Fundamental knowledge with microservices built with Rest Api.
– Docker knowledge is a plus and how to build a small network of containers
– Fundamental knowledge of Java EE and Spring Framework
– Experience using a version control system (eg: git), sftp protocol, ssh, http protocols
– Knowledge of other software development languages like Python, Golang, React etc is a plus
– Knowledge of queuing systems like RabbitMq, Kafka, ActiveMq or others is a plus.

Current technology stack used: Talend Studio 7, Gravitee, Kibana, Docker, EasyVist

‚Äč-The candidate will design and implement the ETL flows, maintain and update the current flows.
-He/She will debug existing processes
-He/She will filter and understand logs in Kibana

Please send your CV @: