Mariuca Cremene

Senior HR Consultant

Mariuca Cremene is an experienced HR Generalist, with over 11 years of working in IT companies in various roles related to this field. Due to her ability to continuously learn and grow, to help and support, Mariuca was able to become a true professional in every company she has worked in as an Internal HR.

She was involved in numerous projects, from Administration, to Organizational Development, Onboarding, Recruiting, to Teambuilding preparing and Employer Branding. Mariuca is a very goal-oriented person that gets things done.

She works with passion and creativity, and she is always open to learn and to listen to other’s opinions.

She was also involved in entrepreneurial activities, which enlarged her vision regarding business standards, easily learning from the business operations, as well as gaining targeted skills from specific field, such as customers, markets, finance, operations, strategy.

Mariuca is a strong human resource professional with a Master Degree focused in Communication Science.