Onsite recruitment services are extremely useful for industries and businesses experiencing a high turnover of employees, maybe bought about through seasonal fluctuations or trends.

Onsite recruitment is a service where we effectively become part of our client organisation, taking care of all aspects of recruitment for that business. It means that services can be tailored exactly to the needs of the business and the workforce, establishing an efficient working partnership.

Our onsite consultant will become an extension of the workforce, working to improve the hiring process, reducing risk and cost per hire whilst aiding retention and staff management.

Our Clients Benefits

Onsite recruitment means that there is a single contact for business and its recruitment needs. Communication lines are clear and concise with staffing levels constantly monitored and managed, saving time, resource and ultimately money. Other major benefits to the service include –

  • 100% compliant, legal, and safe temporary workforce
  • Management of all temporary staff
  • Ability to measure competency and performance
  • Improved role, company briefing and training
  • Simplification of relationship management requirements
  • Improved ability to ensure process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Point of contact for resolving issues that may occur
  • Increased operational productivity and output
  • Cost savings, efficiencies and constant improvements to the service you receive
  • Fix fee/ month
  • Work to agreed KPIs
  • Reduced permanent recruitment fees
  • The onsite consultant will use our working tools and our sourcing tools