Our Trainings & Workshops are unique and offer our clients the possibility to create the program exactly on their needs. We’ll create a customized program based on a comprehensive review of your progress, goals, and individual organizational needs.

What is different in our programs? 

  • We know that people are changing only if they decide to do it and only if they understand the need of change.
  • Our programs, bring the concepts of self-knowledge and self-discovery and we want to make people conscious about themselves.
  • We believe that a real and long term change it happens from inside.

Our workshops are highly experiential.

  • Participants will engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs. Each participant will explore a professional and/or personal relationship challenge and learn how they can permanently shift the pattern. We use the same principles to explore a team dynamic of the group’s choosing.


What is the meaning of our programs?

  • Participants will walk away with an understanding of what conscious and self-understanding is, the difference between leading from trust vs. threat, how to identify their own threat patterns, and methods for shifting from threat to trust.
  • We want to eliminating drama and creating high trust people and cultures.