Alina Conu, Kapital HR: Flexible thinking is this year`s must

Cold judgement and flexibility are the main assets wanted by head hunters this year. Alina Conu, Managing Partner of Kapital HR talks more about this year`s challenges and opportunities in a BREC interview.

1.Which is your perspective about the Real estate market for 2022?
In all sectors companies need medium and high level managers for the challenging times they face. Flexible thinking and a cold head are the main requests in this period. In constructions there is a constant need for workers, due to various social fluctuations: here we have to face the challenge of on optimal selection, in search for employees that are capable and willing to stay and develop in the company.

2. Does the Real Estate market need Executive Search services?
Both architectural offices and construction companies and included in our expertise. We  had many openings in this area, so the answer is yes, this industry is interested in recruitment services. I’d like to add the fact that we have received fewer requirement assignments from real estate agencies or brokers. It is normal somehow – management, technical roles, engineers are more difficult to find. 

I think that also developers and investment funds will need more and more the right people to get their businesses going in this dynamic market, so that the need for executive search services will be on a growth trend.

3. Which qualities do you believe make up an effective real estate top management professional?
Vision, good strong educated intuition, good financial skills and cool head.

4. Which are the key trends for 2022 in terms of work formats?  
The office work is more effective for teams: enhancing direct communications, it promotes creativity in finding new solutions and new fields of development, promotes flexible management decisions, together with team spirit.  I dare to say it is important also for the emotional and psychological health of each member of the team.

Office is well suitable for team work (in real estate business as well as in other sectors), but for the wellbeing of each individual the management team must also think to hybrid solutions to suit everybody. The real estate offices market was affected by this COVID crisis, so it is important to encourage people to go back to the office, but it is also important to encourage the management levels to find more flexible and creative solutions for those employees who nevertheless will prefer to work from home at least one day each week or at least a few hours each day. These flexible solutions for hybrid work are the key to keep valuable staff in place, to avoid displacements and personnel shortages. Work from home solutions must not be ignored in sectors that require individual work.Kapital HR focuses on Human Resources; its track record includes a portfolio of 300 companies, 1.500 trained and developed employees and 2.300 hired candidates.

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