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1. Is job centric (as latest best practices require), being based on norms, but able to operate within the range of high and low as it allows complete customization.

2. The more than 175 assessed traits are the result of 30 years of scientific and validation research.

3. Thousands of cross-references identify the contradictory self-evaluations and verify whether the answers are true, even as the person is filling out the questionnaire, requesting a retake in the event that a consistency level of 90% minimum is not reached. The lie detection systems in traditional assessments have less than 10% efficiency.

4. Uses a complex algorithm offering 8103 computer cross-referencing comparisons. By using repeated hierarchizing a large quantity of information is amassed, equivalent to answering 2701 questions in a ‘Yes – No – Not Certain/ Maybe’ format. Thus, the assessment equates to an entire day of testing using multiple answer items.

5. The Harrison Job Success Analysis system is certified ISO 10667 and is in compliance with OFCCP standards. The system does not have an adverse impact based on gender, race and/or ethnicity regarding the categories mentioned in the Harrison materials.

6. Online questionnaire/ filled-in in approx. 20- 30 minutes/ reports can be generated immediately afterwards.


Extensive database comprising of over 6500 job profiles in various areas:

Financial (ex. Bank Teller, Bank Manager, Bank Operations Support Manager, Accountant/ Bookkeeper, Auditor, Budget Analyst, etc.)

Sales, Marketing and Retail (ex. Salesperson – various fields)

Services Business and Professional (ex. Logistics Specialist, Materials and Equipment Acquisition Specialist, etc.)

Government (ex. Aviation Inspector, Court Stenographer, Criminologist, Judge/Magistrate, etc.)

Education (ex. Instructors – various fields, Teachers – various educational levels).

Manufacturingconsumer goods, food, industrial goods.

Upper Management (ex. CEO, CFO, HR Director, Sales Director, etc.)

Science (ex. Biologist, Chemist, etc.)

Office – Administrative and Support (ex. Receptionist, Administrative Secretary, Translator, etc.)

Human Resources (ex. Organizational Psychologist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Training Specialist, etc.)

Healthcare (ex. doctors, nurses, technicians – various specialties, psychologists, etc.)

Services – Broadcasting and Entertainment


ServicesTransportation and Travel

Technology - Communications , Hardware, software (ex. Engineers, IT Specialists, etc.)

Customer Service and Hospitality